Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd has been the only manufacturer of phosphine gas in Japan, and supplies phosphine gas to many customers in the semiconductor (high-purity grade) and insecticide (industrial grade) industries worldwide. Based on phosphine gas technology, a multi-purpose commercial plant for the production of organophosphine derivatives was built in 1987. Since then, organophosphine derivatives have been one of the core commercial products of Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Organophosphine derivatives are manufactured by Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd under the trade name “HISHICOLIN” include alkylphosphines and associated derivatives, such as chlorophosphines, phosphine oxides and sulfides, phosphonium salts, etc. Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd believes that organophosphine derivatives have a great potential for industrial uses in electronic materials, catalysts, additives for polymers, pharmaceuticals and many other areas.

Primary Phosphines
Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd produces primary monoalkylphosphines by either radical- or acid-catalyzed reactions of phosphine gas with alkenes. The most important use of primary phosphines, such as tert-butylphosphine, includes as precursors for the production of semiconductor materials in the electronics industry.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 2501-94-2 tert-Butylphosphine (Technical Grade) HISHICOLIN P-M4 C
  2501-94-2 tert-Butylphosphine (Electronic Grade) HISHICOLIN P-M4 C
2 1732-74-7 n-Butylphosphine   L
3 15573-36-1 Cyclopentylphosphine   L
4 822-68-4 Cyclohexylphosphine   P
5 593-68-0 Ethylphosphine   L
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Secondary Phosphines
Secondary dialkylphosphines are also produced in the same way as primary phosphines. The most characteristic advantage of secondary phosphines is the reactivity of the unsubstituted P-H bond in the molecule. Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is developing a variety of secondary phosphines as intermediates for the preparation of asymmetric tertiary phosphines, bisphosphines, and others.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 39864-68-1 Dicyclopentylphosphine   P
2 829-84-5 Dicyclohexylphosphine  HISHICOLIN P-DC6 C
3 627-49-6 Diethylphosphine   A
4 360787-11-7 tert-butylmethylphosphine(Borane Complex)   P
5 148432-44-4 Di-2-norbornylphosphine   P
6 4006-38-6 Di-iso-butylphosphine   P
7 819-19-2 Di-tert-butylphosphine HISHICOLIN P-D4 C
8 13887-02-0,
[3.3.1] and [4.2.1]
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Tertiary Phosphines
Tertiary trialkylphosphines are produced selectively by radical-catalyzed reaction of phosphine gas with the stoichiometric amount of alkene. Typical uses of tertiary phosphines include the starting materials in the production of quaternary phosphonium salts and tertiary phosphine oxides and sulfides.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 72617-31-3 n-Butyldicyclohexylphosphine   L
2 - - n-Butyldicyclopentylphosphine   L
3 203000-43-5 tert-Butyldimethylphosphine(Borane Complex)   L
4 6002-40-0 Di-tert-butylmethylphosphine   L
5 385368-77-4,
[3.3.1] and [4.2.1]
6 13887-00-8,
[3.3.1] and [4.2.1]
7 4125-25-1 Tri-iso-butylphosphine HISHICOLIN P-I4 C
8 998-40-3 Tri-n-butylphosphine HISHICOLIN P-4 C
9 7650-88-6 Tricyclopentylphosphine   L
10 4023-53-4 Tris(2-cyanoethyl)phosphine HISHICOLIN TCEP C
11 554-70-1 Triethylphosphine HISHICOLIN P-2 C
12 2767-80-8 Tris(hydroxymethyl)phosphine   L
13 4706-17-6 Tris(3-hydroxypropyl)phosphine HISHICOLIN P-500 C
14 4706-17-6

(40% aqueous solution)

15 4731-53-7 Tri-n-octylphosphine HISHICOLIN P-8 C
16 2234-97-1 Tri-n-propylphosphine   P
17   Tri-n-hexyllphosphine   P
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Bisphosphines, which are produced by the reaction of dialkylphosphines with dihalogenoalkanes, are potential derivatives used as ligands for highly selective catalysts.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 23743-26-2 1,2-Bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)ethane   L
2 103099-52-1 1,3-Bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)propane   L
3 65038-36-0 1,4-Bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)butane   L
4 6411-21-8 1,2-Bis(diethylphosphino)ethane   A
5 29149-93-7 1,3-Bis(diethylphosphino)propane   A
6 54729-77-0 1,4-Bis(diethylphosphino)butane   A
7 4141-59-7 1,2-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)ethane   L
8 121115-33-1 1,3-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)propane   L
9 150111-89-0 1,4-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphino)butane   L
10 111848-16-9 1,2-Bis(dicyclopentylphosphino)ethane   L
11 149081-88-9 1,3-Bis(dicyclopentylphosphino)propane   L
12 163106-88-5 1,4-Bis(dicyclopentylphosphino)butane   L
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Chlorophosphines, which are produced by chlorination of the corresponding alkylphosphines, are used as intermediates in the production of plant protection agents, stabilizer for plastics, catalysts, and others.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 25979-07-1 tert-Butyldichlorophosphine   P
2 6460-27-1 n-Butyldichlorophosphine   P
3 2844-89-5 Cyclohexyldichlorophosphine   L
4 16523-54-9 Dicyclohexylchlorophosphine   P
5 13716-10-4 Di-tert-butylchlorophosphine   P
6 686-69-1 Diethylchlorophosphine   A
7 1079-66-9 Diphenylchlorophosphine   A
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Phosphine Oxides and Sulfides
Alkylphosphine oxides and sulfides, which are stable compounds produced by oxidation of alkylphosphines, are useful as solvents for high temperature reactions, flame retardants, modifiers for resins, additives for lubricating oils, extractants for metals, and others.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 6779-58-4 n-Butylbis(3-hydroxypropyl)phosphine Oxide HISHICOLIN PO-4500 C
2 814-29-9 Tri-n-butylphosphine Oxide HISHICOLIN PO-4 C
3 597-50-2 Triethylphosphine Oxide HISHICOLIN PO-2 C
4 51805-42-6 Tris(3-hydroxypropyl)phosphine Oxide HISHICOLIN PO-500 C
5 3084-48-8 Tri-n-hexylphosphine Oxide   P
6 78-50-2 Tri-n-octylphosphine Oxide HISHICOLIN PO-8 C
7 1496-94-2 Tri-n-propylphosphine Oxide   P
8 3084-50-2 Tri-n-butylphosphine Sulfide HISHICOLIN PS-4 L
9 597-51-3 Triethylphosphine Sulfide HISHICOLIN PS-2 L
10 3982-87-4 Tri-iso-butylphosphine Sulfide   L
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Phosphonium Salts
Quaternary phosphonium salts are produced by reaction of tertiary phosphines with alkyl halides or carbonyl compounds. The typical uses include phase transfer catalysts, antistatic agents, curing agents for epoxy resins, flame retardants, biocides, detergents, etc. Phosphonium salts are also more stable than the corresponding ammonium compounds. Some phosphonium salts are stable liquids at temperatures less than 100 °C, which indicates the possibility of their use as "ionic liquids."
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 55894-18-3 Allyltri-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-4ALB C
2 1224-56-2 Benzyltri-n-butylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-4BZC P
3 1224-55-1 Benzyltriethylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-2BZC P
4 15294-63-0 Dodecyltri-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-412B C
5 13497-50-2 Dodecyltri-n-butylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-412C C
6 56022-37-8 Ethyltri-n-octylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-82B C
7 14937-45-2 Hexadecyltri-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-416B C
8 41272-12-2 Hexadecyltri-n-butylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-416C C
9 638989-29-4 Hexadecyltri-n-butylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate HISHICOLIN PX-416FB C
10 53269-48-0 Methyltri-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-4MB P
11 2304-24-7 Methyltri-n-butylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-4MC P
12 20445-88-9 Methyltri-n-butylphosphonium Dimethylphosphate HISHICOLIN PX-4MP C
13 1702-42-7 Methyltri-n-butylphosphonium Iodide HISHICOLIN PX-4MI C
14 86042-82-2 Methyltri-n-butylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate HISHICOLIN PX-4MFB P
15 4317-01-1 Tetraethylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-2B C
16 4317-06-0 Tetraethylphosphonium Iodide HISHICOLIN PX-2I P
17 665-49-6 Tetraethylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate HISHICOLIN PX-2FB L
18 14814-28-9 Tetraethylphosphonium Hydroxide HISHICOLIN PX-2H C
19 3115-68-2 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-4B C
20 2304-30-5 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Chloride HISHICOLIN PX-4C C
21 3115-66-0 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Iodide HISHICOLIN PX-4I P
22 - - Tetra-n-butylphosphonium
23 96131-57-6 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium
24 109348-55-2 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Benzotriazolate HISHICOLIN PX-4BT C
25 1813-60-1 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate HISHICOLIN PX-4FB P
26 111928-21-3 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Hexafluorophosphate HISHICOLIN PX-4FP P
27 29089-62-1 Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Tetraphenylborate HISHICOLIN PX-4PB P
28 57702-65-5 n-Octyltri-n-butylphosphonium Bromide HISHICOLIN PX-48B P
29 51805-45-9 Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphonium Hydrochloride HISHICOLIN TCEP-HCL C
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 1010707-47-7 Triethylpentylphosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-25TFSI P
2 1002754-38-2 Triethyloctylphosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-28TFSI P
3 324575-10-2 Tri-n-butylmethylphosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-4MTFSI


4 910226-57-2 Tri-n-butyloctylphosphonium tetrafluoroborate HISHICOLIN PX-48FB P
5 934215-88-0 Tri-n-butyloctylphosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-48TFSI P
6   Triethyl(methoxymethyl)phosphonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-2MMTFSI P
7   Triethylpentylphosphonium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-25FSI L
8   Triethyloctylphosphonium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-28FSI L
9   Tri-n-butylmethylphosphonium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-4MFSI L
10   Triethyl(methoxymethyl)phosphonium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide HISHICOLIN PX-2MMFSI L
11   Triethylpentylphosphonium dicyanamide HISHICOLIN PX-25DCA L
12   Triethyloctylphosphonium dicyanamide HISHICOLIN PX-28DCA L
13   Triethyl(methoxymethyl)phosphonium dicyanamide HISHICOLIN PX-2MMDCA L
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Chiral Phosphine
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 866081-62-1 (R,R)-2,3-Bis(tert-butylmethylphosphino)quinoxaline (R,R)-QuinoxP* C
2   (S,S)-2,3-Bis(tert-butylmethylphosphino)quinoxaline (S,S)- QuinoxP* C
3 919778-41-9 (R,R)-1,2-Bis(tert-butylmethylphosphino)benzene (R,R)-BenzP* C
4   (S,S)-1,2-Bis(tert-butylmethylphosphino)benzene (S,S)- BenzP* C
5 1110711-01-7 (S)-4,4-Dibutyl-2,6-bis(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-4,5-dihydro- 3H-dinaphtho[2,1-c:1’,2’-e]phosphepinium Bromide S-MARUOKA CAT P-NB P
6   (R)-4,4-Dibutyl-2,6-bis(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-4,5-dihydro- 3H-dinaphtho[2,1-c:1’,2’-e]phosphepinium Bromide R-MARUOKA CAT P-NB P
7   (S)-4,4-Di-t-butyl-2,6-bis(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-4,5-dihydro- 3H-dinaphtho[2,1-c:1’,2’-e]phosphepinium Bromide S-MARUOKA CAT P-TB P
8   (R)-4,4-Di-t-butyl-2,6-bis(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-4,5-dihydro- 3H-dinaphtho[2,1-c:1’,2’-e]phosphepinium Bromide R-MARUOKA CAT P-TB P
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask
Others include alkylphosphinic acids, alkylphosphonic acids, chlorophosphine oxides, and their derivatives. These are useful as flame retardants, surface treatment agents for metals, catalysts, intermediates for biocides, dispersing agents, peptitizers, etc.
CAS Number Chemical Name Product Name Status
1 4923-84-6 tert-Butylphosphonic Acid   L
2 4707-95-3 tert-Butyldichlorophosphine Oxide   L
3 2302-80-9 n-Butyldichlorophosphine Oxide   L
4 3321-64-0 n-Butylphosphonic Acid   L
5 21187-18-8 tert-Butylphosphonothioic Acid   A
6 813-76-3 Diethylphosphinic Acid   A
7 1112-37-4 Diethylphosphinic Chloride   A
8 3982-89-6 Diethylphosphonothioic Chloride   A
9 4775-09-1 Ethyl Diethylphosphinate   A
10 6779-09-5 Ethylphosphonic Acid EPA70 C
11 4721-24-8 n-Hexylphosphonic Acid   L
12 15090-23-0 3-Methylphosphinylpropionic Acid MPPA C
13 4724-48-5 n-Octylphosphonic Acid   A
Status C;Commercial, P;Pilot, L;Laboratory, A;Ask